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Hello beauties, I apologize for the long silence, a lot of things has been happening in my daily life, for example, I GOT A JOB! =) An actual job. Well, having a job is pretty tiring but i'm doing fine so far, just the lack of updates on my blog. But I promise, I'll do my best to keep my updates consistent.

All right, here's the first post after a long time, it's my ELF Cosmetics collection so far after 2 years of discovering it. For those who don't know what ELF Cosmetics is sadly not available for purchase in any retail outlets in Malaysia but it is available for purchase from sprees online (example: LowYat Forums). It is a  cosmetic brand from the U.S. and ELF stands for Eyes, Lips and Face. Their products are highly affordable; ranges from $1 (Essential Line), $3 (Mostly Studio Line and some Mineral Line), $5 (Mineral Line) and etc.

Okay, on to my collection lets begin with the Mineral eyeshadows, $3 each (RM 10 each through spree in Malaysia):

From left to right: Socialite (see swatch here), Royal, Golden and Caffeinated.

From left to right: Socialite, Royal, Golden and Caffeinated

From left to right: Studio Contouring and Blush Compact ($3/RM10), Studio 'Golden' Bronzer ($3/RM10), Studio Translucent Mattifying Powder Compact ($3/RM10)- look how much I've used this, LOVE IT!

This is the Essential Eye Shadow Palette in 'Day 2 Night' ($1/RM7) The cream color in this palette broke during shipping. This was bought when I was studying in the UK, but all is good as the customer service people were great and they sent me a replacement =) *thumbs up*

ELF 32-piece Eyeshadow Palette in 'Warm', (i think this was $5, but I got this free during a promo). Spot the color I love using most =) hehe

From left to right: 
ELF Essential Hypershine Lipgloss in 'Bare' ($1/RM7)
ELF Studio Minty Lipgloss in 'Miami' ($3/RM10)
ELF Studio Matte Lip Color in 'Coral' ($3/RM10)
ELF Studio Glossy Gloss in 'Sweet Salmon' ($3/RM10)
ELF Studio Conditioning Lip Balm SPF 15 in 'Nice & Natural' ($3/RM10)
ELF Studio Conditioning Lip Balm SPF 15 in 'Mellow Melon' ($3/RM10)

Just to show you guys a swatch of the ELF Essential Hypershine Lipgloss in 'Bare'. It is GORGEOUS! Its like a peachy color with Gold shimmers/sheen to it. =)

This is the Studio Blush in 'Peachy-Keen' ($3/RM10). This is a beautiful peachy, bronzey blush, it has a gold sheen to it. Suitable for fair skinned girls, but this would only be good as a highlighter for darker-skinned beauties =) 

Next is the ELF Mineral Personal Blend Foundation SPF 15 in 'Light'. This is slightly more expensive ($8/RM 24 i think).

This is the ELF Essential Shimmering Palette ($3/RM10). This is a multi-tasking product, it can be used on the Eyes, Lips and Face, i think. =) I used it on my eyes as a shimmering base after I've put on my MAC Painterly Paint Pot and it works great, just dont use it on its own because i think if you just apply this on your lid, without setting it with a powder product, it will definitely crease. I don't like it as a face highlighter, because it feels greasy and oily on my face. Maybe it's just me.

Next on, is the ELF Essential Clear Eyelash and Eyebrow Gel ($1/ RM 7). This stuff I LURRVVVEEE... it is cheap and great for its supposed to do. I used it mainly for my brows, both sides are the same clear gel, just with different wands on it side but even for the eyelash side, I use it for my brows, it still works the same to me.

And then we have the ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer ($3/ RM 10). Okay, this stuff is amazing. I don't use eyeshadow primers that much but I do have the Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin to compare to this ELF one. And I did an experiment on my own using the ELF Mineral eyeshadow in Socialite. I primed one side of my eye with the Urban Decay Primer Potion and the other with this ELF one, and guess what, for the price, it works equally as good! Or even better I should say. The color of the eyeshadow seemed to pop more with the ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer. A definite MUST-TRY!

Now above is the ELF Studio Eyebrow Kit in Light ($3/RM 10). This stuff is good at what it's supposed to do, my only complain is that when I swatch it as per above in the picture, it does not seem to have much red under-tones, but when used it seemed like a brown-red shade, I might just try the shade Ash in future to come. 

Now this is one item that I'm just okay with. It's a beautiful white gold-ish shade, but the texture of this
ELF Studio Cream Eyeshadow in Candlelight ($3/RM 10) is not as creamy as I thought it would be.

I have two of the ELF Essential Blush in Coy (above) and Innocence (not in picture). These are priced at $1/RM 7 each), Coy is a shimmery mauve shade, whereas Innocence is a satin/matte peachy pink shade.

(Left to right: ELF Essential Blending Brush, ELF Essential Defining Lip Brush, ELF Studio Eyeshadow 'c' Brush, and TWO ELF Studio Powder Brush)

Now for the ELF Essential line brushes are priced at $1/RM 7 each whereas the ELF Studio line brushes are priced at $3/RM 10 each. I love all the brushes I have, except I'm pretty on the fence with the ELF Essential Blending Brush as it sheds like hell, but it does a great job at blending, for the price, I guess I could not complain much  =) but I definitely recommend getting the ELF Studio Powder Brush, not to be mistaken with the ELF Studio 'Mineral' Powder Brush ya. =) it's sooooo soft and velvety against the skin. Amazing!

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