Sunday, May 22, 2011


Hey hey my lovelies, today I just feel like rambling away on my blog as it is my last night in the UK. I'm leaving home for my country tomorrow at midnight (well, my flight's at midnight, so yea) I'm excited to finally be able to go home and be closer to my family, friends and loved ones but I am kinda nervous and sad at the same time as well. Maybe this is because I suddenly realized that my study life has come to an end (unless of course I decide to continue with my MASTERS, but obviously not now because I dont have the moolah to do so) but yea, it's nerve-wrecking knowing that my next chapter in life is about to begin, which is of course the work life. Kinda intimidating, I don't even know how difficult it is to find an actual job but all i could hope for is one that I would enjoy doing every single day probably for the rest of my entire life.

On the other hand, I can't wait to be able to hang out with my loved ones and friends again once I'm home. It has been ages since I've met them. Miss them so much, but to all my new found friends that I've met and got to know during the period of my stay here in the UK, I'll miss you guys too! And will definitely meet up some time.

For my cousin sister and her family who has been so generous by allowing me to stay with them throughout my course of studies, I deeply appreciate their hospitality and their generosity. Had a pleasant stay with them and learnt how to cook as well =p well, a little tiny bit of learning how to cook. Will miss the two adorable little boys, Tobey and Euan who's always smiling. Will miss seeing them grow up, but of course, updates will be there on my cousin sister's blog. =)

To Selfridges, my favourite place to visit here in London and of course the shopping area in Cambridge, I'll be back to visit you during my graduation trip back here to the UK at the end of year with a shopping spree in mind.


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