Monday, October 8, 2012

Peacock Glam- Colour Sense Vivid Glam Eyeliner

About 3 weeks ago, I accompanied my mum to our local Cosway store. The Cosway store sells from skin care to beauty products to supplements, household items and many more. They basically sell everything.

So there I was with my mum, while she was browsing through their hair care products, I browsed through the beauty section and I found some eyeliners. Being the inquisitive me, I had to swatch everyone of it. And I found one of the MOST beautiful eyeliner pencil I've ever swatched!

It's the Colour Sense Vivid Glam Eyeliner. It's a pencil liner. Look gorgeous as is and when swatched, it made me go 'Ooohhh and Aaaahh'. Why? Because it's SUPER smooth and creamy like none other! It practically melts like butter.

  • Application- Easy
  • Pigmentation- AMAZING
  • Smudge-able? Yes
  • Waterproof? Tested- Yes, definitely.

It wore well on even my waterline which amazes me. The price was not too bad for an eyeliner this great. It was less than RM 15 if I remembered correctly.

Colour choice wise, if I wasn't mistaken, there were 4 colours. There was no names except code numbers. So there was a metallic indigo blue, a burgundy one, a black with silver shimmer and the one I bought which was a peacocky turquoise gem shade (it's BEAUTIFUL). Now, on to some pictures.

The pictures I know definitely does not do the product justice but I'll try to upload better ones soon. I promise.

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