Tuesday, April 9, 2013

WE WON WEEKLY PRIZE! - Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful Beauty Stories

Ok, so this morning, I got into work and started browsing through my Facebook wall just to see what's happening. And then I saw my Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful Beauty Story image, and so I was wondering who shared this.. and then I saw this!

(click on image to see more)

Thank GOD no one was in the office yet at the time because I was reacting like a crazy woman!! 
Bobbi Brown Malaysia announced that we were chosen as their one of the weekly winners! 

I immediately contacted my best friend who was also at work at the time I called her and she said she wanted to scream but couldn't and then she let out a little 'controlled volume' scream. Lol. 

We're soooooo excited!!! Even though it's just the weekly winners' prize but we're powerful that way! Aha!!

Ok so this how the Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful Beauty Stories contest works:

STEP 1: "Like" Bobbi Brown Malaysia.

STEP 2: Select a friend from your Facebook friend list and Bobbi Brown Malaysia will pull together all of your Pretty Powerful moments (pictures of you and your friend).

STEP 3: Choose a design and customize your story. (There's a few images for you to choose from)

STEP 4: Share it on your Facebook wall for all of your friends to see.

STEP 5: Submit your story for the chance to win the Grand Prize of a trip to New York City for you and your friend! 

*Additional prizes: 1 x Semi Finalist Prize of Bobbi Gift pack worth RM3000 & 8 x Weekly Winner Prize of Bobbi Gift pack worth RM300.


P.S.- It would be great if we could win Grand Prize too =p

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